The Impact Crew: “Fashion Today"

The Impact Crew: “Fashion Today"
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In the primitive society, man resorted to hunting and gathering in response to his basic needs, and with time they gained experience. Clothing is recognised as one of the basic necessities, because the earliest human race needed clothes to keep themselves warm and cover their nakedness. The primitive man relied on broad leaves of trees to alleviate his coldness and to cover up their nakedness. However, a big thanks to Adam and Eve: per the Bible, without them, man will still be walking on the streets naked. For their disobedience opened their eyes wider to acknowledge the truth and reality about their body. Man saw the need to use fig leaves to cover his nakedness after his disobedience according to Genesis 3:7 as stated in the Christian Holy Book. With this revolt which gave birth to “body covering", the trend in this 21st century, particularly among our Ghanaian ladies, is gradually taking us back to the primitive era all in the name of fashion. 

There's an unseen competition among ladies which make them yearn to have everything their eyes see, ranging from clothing, hairstyle, make-ups and heels. They see everything from the western world as good, especially the wardrobe the female celebrities showcase to the public. Meanwhile, our culture and social setting demands contradict the western lifestyle. Whatever is overlooked and appears to be normal over there is opposite in our motherland. Tackling the ugly side of what we call fashion today is to correct the anomaly and project the acceptable standard in our part of the world for “what we wear speaks much about us". Ironically, we exhibit what's in us by how we present ourselves. Most of our ladies look forward to how their favourite female showbiz celebrities carry themselves about in public so they can be their replica. Meanwhile, every celebrity lives a dual life; that is their private and public lifestyle. They look to celebrities when trying to figure out clothing trends. Nowadays, ribbed, tattered and the so called “crazy" jeans have become the order of the day. Sadly, they don't know that much of what celebrities wear is worn specifically for publicity. 

Nonetheless, women by nature were beautifully created by the Ultimate being to look stunning in the eyes of men. Sadly, most ladies think otherwise to the perception of God. Nowadays, we've artificially made beautiful ladies roaming in town with expiring dates to their elegance. Our ladies can't fully swipe off sweat from their faces with handkerchief as a result of heavy make-ups from brands like Makari, Mary kay, Sleek, Cover Girl, Mac, Classic and Glams make-up to paint a deceptive picture that comes with gradual health repercussions. Ghanaian ladies have decided to twist, thwart and elongate their natural eye lashes and eye brows to suit their interest by using adhesive glue which comes with serious side effects. Sadly, well educated ladies of our land, particularly undergraduates, in the universities have overlooked all these dangers in the name of fashion. Nobody is saying that you shouldn't use these beauty enhancement cosmetics,  however, everything must be done in moderation. For the true beauty of a woman goes beyond being a fashionista. 

Some ladies who are with trivial reasons to look taller and “sexy", blindly imitate their favorite female celebrities outfits and resort to high heels as a defensive mechanism. High heels and stilettos are very popular and fashionable among ladies especially in today’s modern Ghanaian society. Not only does it make them look taller but also sexier and prettier when matched with their favorite dress or gown. However, from an osteopathic physicians, a constant use of high heels and stilettos from brands like; Sergio Rossi, Double Decker, Prada, Valentino that our ladies are jamming on to, put the foot at an angle and pull muscles and joints out of alignment, so the effects aren’t limited to the feet. Health research shows that, high heels have the effects of being bad for health and comfort, but this barely stop women from wearing them whether occasionally or daily. Also, studies have shown that these towering shoes can be costly in more ways than one, taking their toll on your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet, while altering your posture and gait. Are our ladies aware that high heels not only cause chronic foot problems, but it also leads to common complaint like leg and back pain? 

Every Ghanaian lady must bear in mind that, no matter the laurels and credentials they've achieved in their education, that do not relegate our societal norms, values and customs to the background. You are knowledgeable with others' knowledge but never get wise with others' wisdom. You're still a Ghanaian no matter how blindly you copy the European culture when it comes to fashion. Ghanaian ladies  must not think they've outgrown our cherished virtues in relation to how our grandmothers used to carry themselves about in appropriate manner when it comes to fashion in the olden days. They must know that dressing neat to cover oneself well is never archaic in this era of civilization.

They all have a dignity and reputation to preserve as virtuous women. Therefore, looking beautiful or elegant has nothing to do with heavy makeups neither synthetic eye lashes and eye lids nor half-naked, tattered and ripped or “crazy" outfits. I strongly believe that it's the ultimate wish of every  Ghanaian lady to get a responsible man to marry as she journey through life. Therefore, to materialize this future dream, the natural beauty in you is what matters most for your dressing reveals your innate character and behaviour.