See what your favourite female celebrities wore

See what your favourite female celebrities wore
Sister Deborah

The week has been a very hectic one, however, our favourite celebrities did not disappoint with their choice of outfit when they stepped out.

Various celebrities were up to a lot this week and their choice of dresses and their sense of fashion provides some education.

See thier pictures below

Moesha Boduong

This week the actress covered up and was looking like the virgin Mary.  Moesha stepped out in an orange straight dress revealing her vital statistics. She however, had something to say to her followers that "never live in the past but always learn from it".



The songstress who is currently promoting her girl talk concert shared this mid boggling picture of her looking bold and confident in this all blue dress representing an African queen.

HAPPY  DECEMBER 😘.. ❤ï¸Ââ¤ï¸Ââ¤ï¸ÂðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ.... BRING US JOY AND BLESSINGS 😘😘❤ï¸Âï¸ÂðŸ™ÂðŸÂ½ We Go Higher ðŸÅ½‰ðŸÅ½‰ðŸ™ÂðŸÂ½ðŸ™ÂðŸÂ½ Nyame Nshira Yen ... LEST HAVE A GREAT ONE ðŸÅ½ÂðŸÅ½ÂðŸÅ½ÂðŸ’¥ðŸÅ½‰ #efyagingamtinz #vitamilkgirltalkconcert2016 COMING SOON  23rd December..!! See You There Ladies ✌ðŸÂ¾ï¸ÂâœŒðŸÂ¾ï¸ÂâœŒðŸÂ¾ï¸Â #ShowUsUrV ✌ðŸÂ¾ï¸ÂâœŒðŸÂ¾ï¸Â Photography: @swagofafrica X @twinsdntbeg 😘😘 Dress : Made for Gingam by @melanie___crane thank u hunny 😘😘ðŸ˜Ââ¤ï¸Âï¸Â Mua : @makeupbychocho ☺ï¸Â 😘😘

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Sandra Ankobiah

The lawyer and fashionista was a sight to behold. She stepped out in her all black skirt and top. This time around she gave us a true look and feel of her nice legs.


Jackie Appiah

This week the beautiful actress who is promoting the latest movie she has starred in went casual. Jackie looked casual in a Jeans trousers and T-Shirt.


Deborah Vanessa

Ahead of the release of #TooRisky, the beautiful Deborah Vanessa released some pictures online and the lady was looking like a goddess in her an all black gown.

Spied my website yet? Thanks to @roninafrica for revamping it for me! 📸: @twinsdntbeg

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Emelia Brobbey

The kumawood star shared photo of herself in a violet straight dress and had this for her followers "You do the right thing even if it makes you feel bad,the purpose of life is to be worthy of happiness".