Ghanaians express outrage over CNN’s election reportage

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Ghanaians express outrage over CNN’s election reportage
File photo: CNN

The internet community in Ghana have taken to social media to condemn and criticize an election story written by the American television network, Cable News Network (CNN) that suggests the Ghanaians struggle to purchase food and usually queue for basic services.
The CNN in the article, titled ‘Ghana election: Incumbent concedes to Nana Akufo-Addo’ said ;

“The national economy will be Akufo-Addo’s major challenge.Oil reserves were discovered off the coast of Ghana in 2007, but Ghanians struggle to obtain food and day-to-day services. Rolling blackouts are common and citizens often stand in long line to obtain products.”

The assertion has angered many Ghanaians online who have accused the TV network of twisting the facts to project the country in negative light.

Jemila Wunpuni Abdulai, a blogger challenged CNN’s publication and called for a relook at the facts on the ground.

Ghanaian sports journalist, Gary Al-Smith also described the article as a “lazy reportage” about Ghana’s election.

My Ghana people. Shall we do something let @CNN know we are tired of their lazy reportage of our election? Tweet them with #CNNGetItRight

— Gary Al-Smith (@garyalsmith) December 11, 2016

.In what appears to be a growing campaign to impress upon CNN to take down or amend the article, the hashtag, #CNNGetItRight is gaining traction within the local social media space.

Fake News Media, @CNN with a completely unacceptable reportage on elections in Ghana. Who queues for food in Ghana? Smh! #CNNGetItRight

— Kwadwo Adu-Amankwa (@AmankwaK) December 11, 2016

Such a lazy coverage of a fantastic story by @CNN. No nuance, just the usual template "Africans are suffering."#CNNGetItRight

— Nana Ama Agyemang (@JustNanaAma) December 11, 2016

I can't recognise my country from the 2nd paragraph #CNNgetItRight

— Michael Oti Adjei (@OtiAdjei) December 11, 2016

The truth is we're not starving. #CNNGetItRight but Rolling Blackout are common @CNN

— #█║▌│█║▌│█││█ ® ♫ ♫ (@axtonic1) December 11, 2016

CNN in the league of shameless western media…always looking for blood and negative stories from Africa. #CNNGetItRight #proudGhanaian

— Isaac Essel (@isaacessel) December 11, 2016

This is fraud. Too many lies #CNNGetItRight

— Kwamefosuaddai (@KwameAbbott) December 11, 2016

CNN and writers of the article are yet to comment on the development.