2016 Elections: My final verdict

2016 Elections: My final verdict
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Finally finally,the die is cast. We have  in effect barely Twenty-Four hours to complete the marathon.The final gear is turned on, and the whistle of the referee is blown on!  

The servants of the land are home begging the peasant(we the wielders of real power-the Ghanain) for our power to decide our destiny and future for the next four years.

This is the point of critical consideration, evaluation and decision making. And it's important to note that we are not just voting.We deciding our own development.We are deciding our own future and the future of our generation at will. 

We are talking about the quality of our education, health care, livelihood, economy ad infinitum. 

We have that power and we are relevant at this hour . Today,our power is greater than the people seeking power.But when we decide to surrender our power on emotions, gifts, deception,tribalism, we surrender that power and sovereignty willingly and become powerless before the very people.

Infact,such people will allow power to corrupt their hearts and harden their minds. You remember Lord Acton ever said, "Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely".

Thus why my choice, your choice and our choice matters now and must be made at best and with critical consideration of our situation. 

Yes, I've made that choice already. I'm a special voter. I voted critically on 1st of December,2016, to decide the leader of Ghana and Damongo constituency for the next four years. 

I'm a typical party man (a social democrat).But in order not to fall into the trap of what Dr.Mensah Otabil described as "putting your vote on AUTOPILOT", I read keenly the manifestoes of all the political parties, especially, the two major political parties(NDC and NPP).

I interrogated the issues critically and reviewed the past records and history of these parties.I compared, contrasted and retracted emotions/deceptions/propaganda from facts and issues. 
Indeed, in all these I had no choice than to continue being a social democrat in my decision of chosing one of two lesser evils.I took wise counsel from the biblical connotation that, "the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know but has experienced before".

Even though,I realised from my nonpartisan analysis and consideration that these two lesser evils are virtually the same when it comes to handling certain issues about power-thus,they only know we exist and value us at the end of every four years of voting cycle. 

Naked truth be told,Ghana is yet to reach its full potentials under any of these people. Since 1992, they have not done enough in salvaging the plight of the people. They dishonestly exploit the ordinary at our own weakness and enrich their "useless selves and family"-applicable to dishonest and corrupt politicians.But don't worry,God will judge such bad nuts among the lot and their own sins will soon catch up with them. 
In comparing and contrasting,however,I realised that the other lesser evil (the one in the elephant) is worse off! They are driven by desperation and pretence, and hence will promise everything and anything-from descending heavens onto mother earth, to factories, to one million dollars.You just name them. 

They are being more of politicians than statesmen. 
When they shout change and make heaven-breaking promises, don't just swallow them hook, line and sinker.Just go back to their past, and forget about the change of name. They may still be the same people. Help them tell their own story when they talk about corruption, mismanagement and bad governance.The fact is they are not any different. Infact, they are worse off!

The lesser evil in the incumbent umbrella family is fast rising up to the game. Comparatively, they can provide hope for the future of Ghana.They have furthered the development of Ghana, though not satisfactory.Atleast, some lives has been changed and Ghana has transformed.They have consolidated the visible infrastructure fabric of our country.

I agree that every government does that as the then vice president now president affirmed years ago. But it's not about what every government does. It's about how different each government does it.And I think this government has it all.But this government should beware that they owe Ghanaians an opology. Where are all the 200-day community senior high schools?Don't let the elephant infest you next time with their spree of promise and fail.We have forgiven you though.Atleast, we have seen something.

Back to my verdict:I encourage you at this critical moment not to settle for anything less or desperation . Let's in the interest of Ghana and the future vote for continuity.My verdict is,retain the status quo!Those shouting for change will not bring anything different. 

Indeed, they have started their machiavelian tactics of claiming everything from missing ballots, to deceptive bribery of one chairman, to thumprinted ballots. 

These are all deceptions and orchestratrated stories, and can only depict signs of a losing team and party. 
I know this for a fact because they have succeeded in polluting the student wings of their party to tow that same line.I jointly worked on a rejoinder to dispel such wild claims against the Legon Branch of TEIN. Such machinations were also fashioned against the UCC branch of TEIN. 

So it's a grand scheme to distract the victory of the umbrella and to sway the genuine voices of the people. 
Reject their desperation with contempt, and guide your decision by a genuine conscious. 
May God bless our country with victory and peace before,during and after the December 7 polls.